Unique handmade tiles

Krisztian Szoeke

Szőke Krisztián

I graduated as a painter at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. In due time I have realized that ceramics production and development of exceptional glazes are my true calling. In the last couple of years I have also actively took part in building ceramics restoration projects, where I have been inspired to kick off my own ceramics product line.

In my latest projects I have worked on Zsolnay building ceramics restoration, where I was responsible for developing the exact same glaze colour as the restorated art piece.

My goal is to serve those customers whom are eager to have custom-made high end tilesin their apartments. I always enjoy to develop completely new molds and unique self-made glazes in order to create an outstanding, modern product. In each step of this process, I am closely paying attention to have a high quality products, therefore I prefer manually pressing the clay in the gypsum mold or casting the mass in the mold. From the very beginning I provide complete transparency of the production process for my customer.

To whom and where do I recommend custom-made SZOEKE Ceramics tiles?

Belső építész

For interior designers and upholsterers

Konyha felújítók

In the kitchen

Fürdőszoba felújítók

In the bathroom

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